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Take advantage of the Onekit past, current and future updates, by learning how to create your own content without changing the core styles of Onekit.

How to create a new style?

To avoid file loss, overrides of your custom styles or any other conflicts during the upgrade process, create or modify your styles with src/css/custom.css file.

Custom files must be included after Onekit stylesheet.

              <!--Plugins Styles-->
              <link rel="stylesheet" href="src/plugins/aos/dist/aos.css">
              <link rel="stylesheet" href="src/plugins/lightgallery.js/dist/css/lightgallery.min.css">
              <link rel="stylesheet" href="src/plugins/flickity/dist/flickity.min.css">
              <link rel="stylesheet" href="src/css/theme.css">

              <!--Your Custom Styles-->
              <link rel="stylesheet" href="src/css/custom.css">

We not recommended this step, because we have custom.scss file in package. But if you not using tools, you can use this step.